15 Best Eco-friendly Kitchen Products for Everyday

15 Best Eco-friendly Kitchen Products for Everyday

The best Eco-Friendly Kitchen products for a Sustainable Home are the ones that are already in your Kitchen. A sustainable home or lifestyle doesn’t mean that you need to replace or shop everything new & green. In fact, sustainability means something that can sustain or last for a long time. A plastic container can also be sustainable if you keep using it for a long time & not toss it away. 

Well, if you are putting your kitchen together from scratch & you have to buy everything new then we suggest that you invest your money in high-quality, long-lasting, sustainable & the best eco-friendly kitchen products. They would not only be good for you & the Planet, additionally, but they will also look aesthetically pleasing too.

According to a Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) report (2018-19), India generates  3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste annually.

Furthermore, recycling waste does not create a balance between producing and recycling waste. So don’t you think that it is household waste that should be addressed first?

Like the adage, “Your food choices determine the length of your life,” your eco-friendly choices will also ensure a brighter and more sustainable future.

Therefore, is there anything better than beginning your journey to sustainability in your kitchen?

Perhaps you can also remodel and redefine your kitchen with sustainable and the best eco-friendly kitchen products. Of course, infused with love, excitement, and responsibility!

So are you trying to find the best eco-friendly kitchen products that have authentic descriptions? If yes, now you can take a deep breath because your quest for the best eco friendly kitchen products is over.

You can be sure that after reading this article, you will be more confident in choosing the best eco-friendly kitchen products and developing new ideas for making your kitchen more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

1. Eco-friendly Kitchen Towels: 

Did you know that you can contribute to the well-being of our planet by taking small steps, like switching to eco-friendly kitchen towels! There is nothing healthier than using reusable, bamboo kitchen towels, which turn out to be a much better choice for the environment (helps to minimize waste) and you personally.

Bamboo has high antibacterial properties, which keep you fresh and odor-free. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics available, making it a good option for kitchen towels. 

So, Check out the latest collection of bamboo kitchen towels :

Beco Eco-friendly Kitchen Towels | Bekarmic.com


2. Reusable Produce Bags:

According to a report by the United Nations, 5 Trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year, worldwide. Single-use plastic, sadly, is unknown to nobody due to its repercussions.

From jeopardizing aquatic life to filthy lands, plastic has left its imprint everywhere. 

But no more, it’s time for reusable, biodegradable, and organic bags.

We recommend reusable bags (e.g., jute or cotton cloth bags), which can be recycled.

Therefore, be a responsible citizen and check our:

Pomogrenade Reusable Produce Bags | Bekarmic.com

3. Sustainable Ladle Holders:

You can create a sustainable lifestyle by making sure even the smallest of things prove sustainable, such as your ladle holders. Make your collection of spatulas, knives, and more stand out with beautiful wooden ladle holders!

Grab the exquisite collection of wooden ladle holders:

Studio Indegene Sustainable Ladle Holders | Bekarmic.com

4. Eco-friendly Water Bottles:

The production of plastic bottles is more than 80 million a year. Furthermore, it takes roughly 800 years for it to decompose.

It will be wise of us if we understand the need of the hour and take this situation seriously. We can switch to biodegradable and paper water bottles which are innovative alternatives. Moreover, there are a lot of other sustainable options around us like glass, bamboo, or copper bottles. 

Check out some of them at:

Organic B Copper Bottle | Bekarmic.com

5. Eco-friendly Dish Powder:

Dish powders that are chemical-free and biodegradable are proving to be more effective than regular dishwasher detergents.

Typically, biodegradable dish soaps contain no phosphate. There is no contamination of artificial colors. Additionally, they are baby and pet safe.

It is important to note that regular dish soaps contain hazardous chemicals that can go into sewers and eventually cause water pollution if they are not handled properly.

Therefore opt for eco friendly dish powders from:

Mitti Se Natural Dish Wash Powder | Bekarmic.com

6. Compostable Trash Bags:

Do you ever notice black-colored single-use plastic trash bags lying in the corner of some societies and colonies?

Well, this scenario needs some change now! We need to replace those filthy single-use plastic trash bags with biodegradable trash bags. These bags are made of materials like corn-starch, which bio-degrades completely when placed in compost piles.

Buy them now at:

Beco Bio Garbage Bags Compostable | Bekarmic.com

7.Eco-friendly Food Wraps:

Next on the list of best eco-friendly kitchen products are food wraps. Use Bee’s Wrap or Silicone stretch top lids to cover and preserve food. 

Silicone stretch top lids create a vacuum seal to preserve food and prolong its freshness. Moreover, silicone’s durability and eco-friendliness are simply unparalleled!

Bee’s Wrap comprises organic cotton, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Bee’s Wrap is reusable as well.

Go, look for our: 

Urban Creative Beeswax Food Wrap | Bekarmic.com

UnnPack Food Food Wrapping Paper Rolls | Bekarmic.com

8. Sustainable & Plastic-Free Straws:

An emotionally draining video emerged in 2015 about a sea turtle with a plastic straw removed from its nose. That was a red alert!

One-time-use plastic straws that are used only briefly lead to suffering for both the environment and the living creatures.

Therefore, vow to never again use plastic straws. Moreover, there are so many effective alternatives in the market like Metal straws, Glass straws, and Bamboo straws. Also, in cafes and eating establishments that are considerate of the environment, there are a variety of innovative straws to choose from, including grass straws, pasta straws, and more.

Well, don’t waste time, and try our:

Evlogia Eco Care Coconut Leaf Drinking Straws | Bekarmic.com

Bamboo India Bamboo Natural Straws | Bekarmic.com

9. Eco-friendly Vegetable Storage Bags: 

Vegetable storage bags that are reusable and eco-friendly not only benefit the environment but also the vegetables. The breathable fabric of organic cotton vegetable storage bags helps prevent the growth of mold and microbes, allowing them to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. As a side benefit, it will prevent your veggies from getting slimy like they do when they are in plastic bags.

So bump into these exciting choices of vegetable storage bags:

Urban Creative Organic Cotton Vegetable Bags

White Light Elements Vegetable Bags

10. Wooden Bowls and Spoons

If you are one of the many people who uses plastic cups, spoons, etc., it’s time to quit!

However, a kitchen without bowls and spoons is unthinkable because it’s one of the most essential aspects of any kitchen.

So what is the wait for? Make your kitchen collection stand out with wood bowls and spoons so they can be beautiful and sustainable.

Hunt down our:

Green Footprint Coconut shell Soup Bowls | Bekarmic.com

11. Tea Infuser

It may surprise you to learn that most tea bags are made of plastic and are not biodegradable.

 That is why tea infusers using loose tea leaves are the best option for reducing waste. In addition to cutting down on plastic, a reusable tea infuser conserves energy and resources.

Therefore switch now to:

Karma Kettle Telescopic Tea Infuser | Bekarmic.com


12. Artisanal made Kettle Set

It is very nice to show off your beautiful collection of kettles and crockery to friends and family. Sustainable Kettle Set options coupled with sleek and sophisticated designs, who would turn down such a deal?

So, grab the best eco friendly and sustainable kettle sets from:

Fish Jaipur Kettle Set | Bekarmic.com

13.Eco-friendly Table mats:

Table mats are sometimes regarded as a sign of sophisticated table manners and etiquette. Eco-friendly tablemats comprise jute and cotton linings. They also ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness while eating. Moreover, graceful tablemats enhance the beauty of your dining set. 

So make sure you have your favorite set of tablemats:

Over a pint of beer Table Napkins | Bekarmic.com

14.Sustainable Coasters : 

Make your daily life more eco-friendly by using upcycled coasters. Generally, they are made of post-production scraps and are therefore carbon neutral. We also have the option of using seed paper and wooden coasters among the number of sustainable coasters.

So check out our:


WeAreLabeless Upcycled Coasters | Bekarmic.com

15. Eco-friendly Utensil Scrub Pads:

 Cleaning utensils with a natural scrub pad is way better than using a plastic scrub pad. In addition to offering an eco-friendly choice, zero waste scrub pads are also more comfortable on your hands. For instance, a coconut fiber scrub pad is naturally antibacterial and toxin-free, unlike plastic scrub pads. Since it is all naturally made, they are easily biodegradable as well as safer for the planet.

So don’t you think that it’s time to switch to:

Green Foot Print Coconut Coir Fiber Dish | Bekarmic.com

The products mentioned in this article are some of the best eco-friendly kitchen products that are affordable at the same time. We must act responsibly in the spirit of sustainability. In this case, it’s just now or never.

Therefore, make the right decisions! 




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