30 Must-Have Bamboo Products for sustainable Lifestyle

30 Must-Have Bamboo Products for sustainable Lifestyle

Our planet is dealing with plastic pollution badly. Without considering the consequences, plastic use and irresponsible consumption of natural resources have taken a toll on the environment. The atmosphere is getting hotter due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the global climate has become a major crisis. If this continues, it’s possible that the negative effects would be irreversible, all life on Earth could face the real danger of extinction. Switching to bamboo products is one of the easiest eco-friendly decisions you can make.

We’re going to introduce you to our favorite bamboo products from everyday household essentials to personal care.

What makes Bamboo Eco-friendly and sustainable?

Plastic pollution is the biggest crisis on earth. Around, 300 million tons of plastic are generated every year worldwide. And only 9% of the total is recycled or reused. So, 91% of all plastic is single-use that is used only once and then ends up in our oceans or landfills. The only way we can survive this extinction life threat is by switching to sustainable products and ditching single-use plastic. 

Here are some reasons that make Bamboo sustainable and eco-friendly: 

  1. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows to its maturity in about five years depending on the species. It is very fast and easy to grow plants on earth. Fully matured bamboo is harvested by cutting from the stalk base, from which it will regrow. It doesn’t need to be planted again
  2. Bamboo emerges like a savior to combat plastic pollution. It’s a great alternative to plastic because it is biodegradable and natural. It has been named the new ‘green steel’ because of its versatility, durability, and strength in construction. The entire infrastructure of homes can be built from this sturdy plant.
  3. It has an astonishing strength, durability, and lifetime capability to survive. It is light and easy to carry. If handled with care, you can probably use the bamboo accessories again and again for a long time period. Bamboo can be used for creating many products in our homes such as flooring, roofs, blinds, curtains, etc.
  4. One of the biggest environmental benefits of bamboo is its ability to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Bamboo is pest resistant, You don’t need to use any chemical to foster the growth of bamboo plants
  5. Bamboo regenerates by itself and abundant with low maintenance. Harvesting bamboo shoots takes only 3-5 years, where timber takes around 10-20 years to grow. It can be used for creating many products including biofuel and has wide applications including cooking, construction, and household. 
  6. Bamboo farming creates job opportunities for people. Opting for bamboo, we would directly supporting the local economy and enhance sustainability.
  7. Bamboo is fast-growing and it would be available always, unlike wood or cotton which will eventually reach a crisis stage. It is cheaper than wood and resistant to moisture
  8. Bamboo regrows from its stalk, then there is no need to disturb the soil to plant again. As a result, the soil and roots aren’t disturbed which is great for soil health. It supports regenerative agriculture that is beneficial for the micro-environment beneath the surface.
  9. Bamboo does not require much water to grow. Although bamboo is willing to grow in wetland conditions
  10. Bamboo is 100% compostable and does not leave any carbon footprint. Bamboo fiber is the natural ingredient and is therefore hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about it causing any allergic reaction on your skin. 

We’re going to introduce you to our favorite bamboo products from everyday household essentials to personal care. Here is the list of some common Bamboo Products that one should have at home: 

1. Bamboo clothes

Open mind long open shirt - Bamboo silk / off white / S-M - Karma Koncept - BeKarmic
Butterfly dress bamboo silk / off white / S, M. - Karma Koncept - BeKarmic
Simplicity dress bamboo silk / off white / S, M - Karma Koncept - BeKarmic

Cotton has been a significant consumption resource for fashion production. It uses large quantities of water and requires plenty of manpower for harvesting.

Bamboo fashion is one of the latest trends for companies serious about helping our environment.

2. Bamboo towels

The bamboo plant used to make fabric for centuries. They are super soft, nice absorbent, and always feel new after years of use. Bamboo has a regenerative quality and much more eco-friendly than cotton.

3. Bamboo toothbrush

Thumbnail for Bamboo Toothbrush & Neem Wood Tongue Cleaner- Combo Pack of 2 each
Thumbnail for Bamboo Toothbrush - 2 Adults + 2 Kids
Thumbnail for Bamboo Toothbrush & Bamboo Tongue Cleaner- Combo Pack of 2 each

Bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal bristles are the best product to start your sustainable lifestyle journey. Here is some option where you can buy the bamboo toothbrushes.

4. Bamboo blinds and curtains

It is a great option to use bamboo indoors. Currently, manufacturers and designers are creating different types of blinds, shades, and curtains made completely out of bamboo.

There is a lot of options to buy in the market. Here you can find according to your choice

5. Bamboo toilet paper

Bambooee Tissue Roll (3 Ply) - BECO - BeKarmic
Bambooee Tissue Roll (3 Ply) - BECO - BeKarmic


Nowadays, Bamboo is reaching the heights of advancements in products. Manufacturers are trying to make everything possible. If clothes can be made then why not toilet paper. Here you can buy bamboo toilet paper that is 100% sustainable.

6. Bamboo Jewelry

MUSKAAN Gold Dangle Disc - Baka Jewelry - BeKarmic
MUSKAAN Gold Dangle Arc - Baka Jewelry - BeKarmic
MUSKAAN Gold Dangle - Baka Jewelry - BeKarmic

Another unique use of bamboo, designers have started creating jewelry with versatile material. A lot of designs are available, you can choose yours from here

7. Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery sealed with an all-natural, vegan, and food-safe finish comes in. Just keep it in your bag and rinse with clean water after use. Here you can opt from the options

8. Bamboo Visiting Cardholder

Bamboo Visiting Card Holder - Bamboo India - BeKarmic

It is an ideal choice for storing your name cards or notes. Easy to clean and use as it is made of bamboo. Suitable for all like the teacher, businessman, etc. Here you can buy one for yourself too. 

9. Bamboo furniture

These days most people think of a sustainable lifestyle and want to decrease their carbon footprint. So, they usually opt for bamboo furniture because it is light in weight and easy to move and maintain. There is no fear of termites and other decay. 

10. Bamboo straws

Neer Reusable Jumbo Smoothie Straw - IDA YOG - BeKarmic

The fast-food industry has a lot of plastic waste in form of plastic containers and straws. Single-use plastic is the cheapest thing anyone can replace with eco-friendly bamboo straws. 

11. Bamboo desk organizer and pen

Bamboo Desk Organiser - Bamboo India - BeKarmic
Bamboo Pen - Bamboo India - BeKarmic


We all need organizers to settle our things on the table and pens to write. One time use plastic pens are a big source of plastic waste.  But using plastic organizers is not a good option, you should go for the sustainable one i.e the bamboo desk organizer and reusable pen.

12. Bamboo Tongue Cleaners

Thumbnail for Bamboo Toothbrush & Bamboo Tongue Cleaner- Combo Pack of 2 each
Bamboo Tongue Cleaner - Bamboo India - BeKarmic


Tongue cleaners are generally made of steel or disposables. Steel is good to have but requires proper cleaning. In the case of bamboo tongue cleaner, it is very easy to clean and use.

13. Bamboo storage Jars

Bamboo storage jars with a bamboo lid and silicone sealing ring keep air out creating an airtight environment to keep your food dry and fresh. Perfect for storing and preserving a variety of wet and dry ingredients. 

14. Bamboo Comb

 Bamboo Travel Kit - Bamboo India - BeKarmic 
Bamboo Hair Comb - Bamboo India - BeKarmic


Give a touch of nature to your hair with the bamboo comb. The bamboo comb is long-lasting and easy to carry. Buy this eco-friendly comb from Bekarmic. 

15. Bamboo laundry basket

Generally, people have plastic or nylon knitted laundry bags. They are not good for the environment and have higher carbon footprints. Rather use a bamboo Laundry bag to store the clothes.

16. Bamboo Notepad

Bamboo Notepad with Pen - Bamboo India - BeKarmic

Eco-friendly and travel-friendly bamboo notepad is available on be karmic. It is easy to carry and use. 100% naturally made. 

17. Bamboo chopping board

Chopping board becomes the need of each and every house. Bamboo is also a perfect material for kitchen products, like bamboo chopping boards.

18. Bamboo shoes

Many environmentally friendly manufacturers are starting to incorporate bamboo material into their shoes. While not usually 100% made of bamboo.  Many of them will make the cloth from entirely bamboo, with other types of materials used for the soles. 

19. Bamboo toothpick

 A toothpick is a very common thing for a day to day life. And when it is once used, should be thrown away. So it should be not of plastic or any artificial material. Bamboo toothpicks are the best to pick. 

20. Bamboo sunglasses

Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes during summer. Generally,  plastic frames break down easily in your bag or clutch, then you have to trash them instead. opt for bamboo frames that are kind to your eyes and the environment.

21. Bamboo shaving brush

Bamboo Shaving Brush - Bamboo India - BeKarmic

A bamboo shaving brush is a sustainable and eco-friendly option to buying for yourself. They have soft bristles and a smooth surface with no further splinter.

22. Bamboo Socks

Socks can also be made from bamboo fiber. They are soft and much more breathable. It is a great invention that they can be made from bamboo as socks are made of cotton and nylon generally. 

23. Bamboo Razor 

Bamboo Shaving Razor - Bamboo India - BeKarmic

A bamboo razor with a bamboo body and a replaceable head is great to go for a sustainable lifestyle. You can buy it from Bekarmic.

24. Bamboo bowls

Reusable bamboo bowls are durable and perfect for everyday use. The natural bamboo fiber is non-toxic, BPA free and does not affect the taste or smell of your food either.

25. Bamboo soap case


Bamboo Soap Case - Bamboo India - BeKarmic


Bamboo soap cases are a much-needed product for an eco-friendly bathroom. You can buy the bamboo soap case online from be karmic.

26. Bamboo Makeup remover pads

Bamboo makeup remover pads are made of bamboo soft fibers. They are reusable and gentle on the skin to remove makeup. They don’t have any negative environmental impact.

27. Bamboo earbuds


Bamboo Ear Buds (pack of 50 sticks) - Bamboo India - BeKarmic


Bamboo earbuds are easily available products online. They are easily biodegradable and hygienic to use.

28. Bamboo charcoal water filter

  • Bamboo charcoal water filter works by removing contaminants from water and attracting them to the surface of the carbon. Simultaneously, releasing minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium back into the water. 
  • The charcoal stick water filter comes ultra-sonic cleaned, vacuum-packed, and ready to use. All you need to do is fill your bottle with water and pop the stick into it.

29. Bamboo facial tissue

Facial tissues contribute a large amount of waste because they are one-time use. It is better to use a cloth handkerchief always, but if you are out and could not keep that with you then bamboo facial tissues are a very good option.

30. Bamboo flask

The triple layer insulation includes a cutting–edge interior with double-wall vacuum technology and a bamboo exterior. It will keep your tea, coffee, or soup hot for up to 12 hours or your drinks cold for a whole day. 

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