Best Organic Baby Products Available in India

Best Organic Baby Products Available in India

Are you also looking for natural and organic baby products in India, for your baby? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

It is no secret that babies have extremely sensitive skin. If proper care is not provided, these newbies can easily develop rashes, itching, irritation, and more complications. Furthermore, pampering babies with organic and natural products will make them feel more relaxed, which will provide therapeutic benefits to the baby and the parent.

Additionally, buying organic baby products available in India is not only the best way to become a green warrior, it is also the best way to support small, homegrown brands and companies. 

Organic Baby Food: A must!

Why should you choose organic baby food?

It is common knowledge that conventionally grown, non-organic food products can contain pesticides, some of which are harmful to humans.

On the other hand, organic means food that is grown without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, and most conventional pesticides, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Providing your baby with organic and natural food reduces the number of chemicals and toxins they are exposed to. The majority of organic baby foods available in India also have an FSSAI certification, reaffirming their safety.

Baby food for 6m/o 

Instant Khichdi Mix:

Khichdi is one of the most favorable preferences of foods for newborns, from ancient times. Hence, this protein, fiber, and energy-rich instant khichdi mix is a source of great nutrition. It helps in boosting immunity and maintaining the digestive health of your baby. 

khichdi mix for babies

Instant Puffed rice mix:

Puffed rice is another option in the list of ready-made, nutritious and wholesome meals. Bengal Gram is one of the main ingredients in this mix, which is a good source of iron and sodium as it is one of the most important pulses. Additionally, this mix contains Asafoetida, which is rich in health benefits for the skin.

puffed rice mix for baby

Broken wheat mix:

This broken wheat mix gives a delicious, grainy, and nutty taste with a warm scent to please your baby’s tummy and spirit. This is a fiber-rich recipe. You and your baby will love this easy-to-prepare instant mix thanks to its 100% organic ingredients.

broken wheat mix for baby

Protein powder:

Babies need proper nutrition to ensure proper growth and nourishment. This protein powder contains calcium, minerals, prebiotic fibers, and various vitamins, helping your kids enhance their memory and concentration.

protien powder for baby


Baby food for 8 months+

Oats and raisins cookies 

When we talk about healthy eating, oats are always at the forefront of our minds. Here is a recipe that turns otherwise boring but nutritious oats into tasty and still healthy cookies. With raisins, it becomes more nutritious as well as tastier. Make sure that your little ones have it.

oats and raisin cookies for babies

Ragi cookies:

No one can deny Ragi’s benefits. By boosting bone density, it can be of great benefit. Moreover, they are rich in calcium, protein, and fibers. Additionally, it contains natural sweeteners such as jaggery and gluten-free Ghee.

ragi cookies for babies

Whole wheat cookies

A whole wheat cookie is not a myth. They are simply as delicious as any other cookie. A brownie point goes to these cookies because they do not contain artificial sweeteners. These cookies contain many nutrients that promote digestive health, reduce your obesity risk, and more! 

whole wheat cookies

Protein powder

Toddlers need proper nutrition to ensure proper growth and nourishment. This supplement contains calcium, minerals, prebiotic fibers, and various vitamins, helping your kids enhance their memory and concentration.

protien powder for baby


Baby diapering needs under one roof!

Children are generally prone to skin problems due to their sensitive skin. Skin irritation is marked by red inflamed patches or bumps on the baby’s buttocks and genital area. Fungal infections can cause diaper rash. Another common cause is skin inflammation caused by exposure to stool and urine.

Therefore, efficient diapering needs are a must to prevent skin problems and maintain proper hygiene. To ensure this, you should use reusable, waterproof baby diapers.

There are a variety of baby diapers available in the Bekarmic store. One of them is: Bumpadum Neo Putani Waterproof Reusable All-in-One Newborn Diaper – Highlander

By using reusable diapers you can save tonnes of disposable diaper garbage from going to the landfill. Disposable diapers are the third-largest single consumer item in landfills and represent about 4% of solid waste. So make sure that you use these organic and reusable baby diapers.

baby diapers

Cozy Bibs and Blankets 

Does it annoy you to clean up food spills and ruin one more set of clothes when your baby spills food? Well, no worries from now onwards! Here is a naturally fabricated, cozy Inky Cap and Reversible Bib Set.

By doing so, it will make mealtimes and drool moments more hygienic for your baby and less frustrating for you. 

Furthermore, choosing the right baby blanket is often a challenging task for parents. There are plenty of options to choose from. However, you must consider quality while purchasing baby blankets.

Also, you must acknowledge that babies have soft and fragile skin which needs gentle care.

So start using Cotton Candy Baby Blanket and more, which is super soft and comfortable. Moreover, they’re obviously made from organic fabrics.

blankets for baby

Best clothing for your winsome babies!

Fashion is often considered to be a complex issue. There may be panic among parents who find it difficult to shop for natural clothes for their baby and choose the most suitable ones. Meanwhile, they must ensure that their babies wear high-quality clothes. In such cases, here are some of the best clothing options that will give your children the best look:


0-3 months

Bodysuits and Onesies 

Baby Dresses

Coordinated Sets

All kinds of clothes for 0-3 months old babies.

3-6 months

Girls collection

Boys Collection

All kinds of clothing for 3-6-month-old babies.

6-12 months:

Girls Clothing

Boys Clothing

All kinds of clothes for 6-12-month-old babies.

12-18 months:

Girls apparel

Boys apparel

All kinds of clothing for 12-18-month-old babies.




baby clothing




What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

What is the most exciting thing for a child? You are absolutely correct if you say Gifts and Toys. Also, organic baby products in India are not just limited to food and clothing. Environmental-friendly gifts and toys are gaining popularity. Moreover, by pampering and providing children with gifts that are both informative and eco-conscious, we can lead them to become responsible citizens. Some of the toys and gifts that encourage fruitful learning in children are:

  1. Winter Cheer Gift Box
  2. Eco-friendly kit – Kids Gift box
  3. MEMORY GAME – A Conscious Adventure
  4. LUDO – Let’s Ludo
  5. Lilac Love Gift Set
  6. Blooming Hearts Gift Set
toys for kids

What are the Best Brands for Organic Baby products available in India?


Bebeburp was the initiative of Shruti, Bharat, and Chirag. Preservative-free, ready-to-cook baby products are available here. The shelf life of their products is very long. All of their items are highly nutritious since they are grandma-inspired recipes. Their products are all FSSAI-certified


Anuradha Rao, the founder of Bumpadum, promotes sustainable products with the vision of creating a better childhood and a better future. They provide high-quality, economical cloth diapers.

Greendigo Organic Clothing

Greendigo Organic Clothing is co-founded by Meghna Kishore and Barkha Bhatnagar. The company promotes a sustainable approach to kids’ clothing through its business model. They all have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification which guarantees organic raw materials and ensures that the manufacturing process is environmentally and socially responsible.

Elfin House

Elfin House clothing is a fusion of old-world European aesthetics and organic fabrics. It is an initiative of two fashion designers, Sai and Chantal. The brand caters to women who are eco-conscious and wish to dress their babies in comfortable, chemical-free, and stylish clothing. It is one of the few brands in India with GOTS certification.

Miko Lolo

Miko Lolo believes that creating healthy, breathable, chemical-free clothing is the first step towards creating an eco-friendly, non-toxic lifestyle. It is their mission to engage and empower children to make better choices for tomorrow by teaching them the importance of making the right decisions today. All their products have GOTS certification.

White water Kids

Shweta Dharival is the founder of Whitewater Kids. This initiative aims at building a community of health-conscious, environment-conscious, and people-conscious individuals. It is Shweta herself who designs the majority of their products. Additionally, all of their products have GOTS certification. 


Toyroom offers children and families the best natural and handcrafted toys to light up the imagination, create wonder, and spark joy! ‘LEARNING’ is the core of all their creations.

White Light Elements

As its name implies, white light is the space within the universe and elsewhere that houses positive energies and is the source of everything that is. The company’s products focus on simple but powerful virtues such as gratitude, awareness, relaxation, and many more. All their products are designed & handcrafted with love by artisans.

Now let your babies live the best of their childhood with safe as well as exciting organic baby products available in India. Moreover, we must start planting the saplings of sustainability at an early age to ensure a sustainable future. 

So, shop now at

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