How to support the small businesses during Covid-19

How to support the small businesses during Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemics have hit the world hard. Everyday life, business, and government everyone has been dealing with this new age challenge. Small business has impacted the most, they have been struggling to survive, and at the verge of shutting down or already shut because they don’t have enough money to survive this long. Now is the time when local communities, customers, friends, and family should come together to support local businesses.

You don’t have to do much, just that whenever you need to order something, give them the opportunity, try them as well. This will keep a ray of hope alive and keep them afloat. 

Why Support Local Businesses?

Every country’s economy is affected by local businesses. Local business provides employment, growth, opportunities to communities, and society. They care about people and always provide the best local goods and services at all times. So we should not forget about them at this time of pandemics. They always served us, now is the time for us to do something for them so they can survive the tough times.

There are few simple ways in which we can support small business during Covid-19

  1. Shop from small & local businesses

Instead of going to overcrowded supermarkets and waiting in queues for long, start buying your groceries from your nearest Kirana vala. If you ask they can provide doorstep delivery too.

This is also a good time to try out the local Indian designers and brands. They are short on clients and your support would mean a lot. You never know maybe you will start liking them over the bulk made, similar-looking fast fashion.

  1. Buy a gift card for yourself or a friend

If you don’t need anything now, you can always buy a gift card. Else you can gift it to a friend and ask them to do the same for another business. This way a lot of people will buy at least one time and if they would like the products and experience, they would become repeat customers.

This way you will support small businesses and entrepreneurs. They will have some money to support & pay their employees and reassure them that they still have some customers.

  1. Social media shout outs are free. Give them generously. 

This is the era of everything going digital. Since the corona has hit the world, a lot of small scales, local businesses are going in losses as people are not stepping out and shopping from them. In this situation, they need to go online to survive but with the online giants already present in the market, it is very difficult for startups or small businesses to get recognition. What we can do is to give them a shout out. Like, comment and tag on their social media posts, or even re-share on your account. If you tried their products then tell your friends and family about them and encourage them to try them and shop as well.

This is all free, you just need to spend a little time on this. You never know this might help someone make a sale and survive through the month.

  1. Leave a positive review

People are still adjusting to the new normal and the others are losing everything to even survive the month. A lot of people have been fired from their jobs because of this whole pandemics situation. Companies are not able to pay their employees as there is no business. The public is still going mad behind big fast fashion sales and is not thinking about the local and small business holders. 

If you can’t buy them then you can support or help a brand by writing positive feedback on the products or services you have tried from them in the past. This act of empathy will boost their morale if not sales initially. Because local businesses usually don’t have huge marketing efforts, their customers can help spread the word through social media.

  1. Environmental Benefits of shopping local

Companies that are producing goods in small batches are ethically and locally sourced are sustainable and good for the environment. Their carbon footprint will be low as we will be traveling short distances and will be producing fewer carbon emissions.

The Wheel of Support for Small Businesses

Last but not least, give donations. Donate cash to people and services so that they can use it wisely and survive through the pandemic. 

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