Why we exist?

BeKarmic is a initiative by Tanya Mahendra. Be Karmic as the name suggests is a company that believes in doing the right thing always. We want to help citizens of the world do the right Karmas by providing them a platform for all their eco-friendly, and sustainable living needs. We believe in:
♻️Zero Waste
🍃Sustainable Living
We are working towards building One-stop for Eco News, DIYs, & Eco-Swaps. Follow us & spread awareness.

Climate Change is Real.

Fight against non-eco-friendly unsustainable living is very important now otherwise we're doomed. We are building a platform powered by best of technologies to help citizens of this world make eco-choices easily.

Positive Karma is all we Need!

Karma might be a new cool term among Gen-Z or millennials but the concept of Karmic life has been integral part of Indian civilisation from ages. If we all do positive Karmas, every problem on the earth is solvable. We, at BeKarmic believe, this generation can change the status quo. We are here to help you succeed. We want to help you with all the right choices.

Meet Tanya Mahendra, Founder

Tanya Mahendra is the founder & CEO of BeKarmic. She is an environmentalist and believes in climate change. She has been living a sustainable lifestyle for the last one year and trying to go vegan pretty soon. With her vast background in fashion and after working on the flip-side of it, she learnt about the repercussions of fast fashion, and many such industries. That gave her the direction to make changes in her life and to further drive this force she decided to become entrepreneur. She believes in Karma, which mean cycle of cause and effect, and that’s how she decided to keep the company’s name BeKarmic which means doing the right thing, like consuming consciously and living a sustainable lifestyle.
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